Craig Copeland


In addition to the weekly Articles, my book will give you a deeper,
more comprehensive dive into what is takes to shift your mindset.

The Gateway to Genius Level Thinking

Disruptors provides a practical and historically vetted framework for accessing higher level thinking while shedding bad thinking habits. Drawing on extensive research and real-life examples, it shows why the often-overlooked concept of disruptive thinking is more valuable than innovation, ultimately lasts longer, and is more profitable. It shows us how the biggest impact in how we think, act, and live are championed by disruptive thinkers, not innovators, while shattering the myth between IQ and genius, showing that IQ is not essential for accessing genius-level thinking.

Disruptors the Workbook

This 140 page workbook is filled with in depth lessons, insights, and a deeper dive into what it takes to access a more divergent mindset that will shape and grow your intuitive thinking like never before.

Blended with a fusion of enjoyable, cutting-edge ideas and techniques, you’ll get a step-by-step guide that you can instantly apply to your own life journey while elevating your thinking to genius-level heights.

My Gift to you

Book Excellence Award Finalist

A field guide to what makes transformative thinkers tick.
– Booklife by Publishers Weekly