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Hi, I'm Craig Copeland

I’m the author of Disruptors: The Gateway to Genius level Thinking. Disruptors is a new book based on 14 years of research and interviews, and is packed full of new insights and methods for remapping how we think, act, and live, in a profoundly different and radical new way.

I want to teach you a new way to think. Most of us use rational thinking as our default style, and therefore, have trouble shifting to intuitive and disruptive thinking as the standard, even though historically they prove to be the more powerful way to think.

There are hundreds of people throughout history who have cultivated a stronger intuitive style, allowing them to design and define the biggest and most insightful changes in their fields, which has a deeper impact on how we grow and evolve.

However, somewhere along the way we lost this gift and have defaulted to survival thinking.

Yet time and again, this more radically disruptive thinking style has proven to be light years ahead of what many know to be innovative thinking. Intuition is where creativity, divergent thinking, imagination, philosophical reasoning, and visionary aptitude all stem from. This thinking style is a game-changer when it comes to our biggest disruptions and our most profound developments.

My goal is to provide you with the best tools and methods for developing a heightened thinking style that will provide you with better advantages and opportunities. I hope you enjoy and benefit from this site.

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The Principles Behind Disruptive Thinking:

A simple guide for
changing your mind.

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Disruptors are natural explorers.

They don't know the outcome but they know that creativity is born from the adventure.

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Disruptors show up.

They are willing to take chances to see where their ideas and path leads.

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They embrace imagination.

Thinking more from their intuition, they allow their divergent mindset to thrive.

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They are curious.

Filled with wonderment, they let questioning and their inquisitive nature be their guide.​

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They invite failure.

They understand that failure can be an important part of the developmental process and welcome it when it happens.​

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