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I want to offer you a series of thought-provoking articles I call “Simply Genius” that will put you in the right frame for disruptive thinking. All roads will lead you to a greater intuitive mindset. This is where the real magic happens… Where the biggest and most profound disruptions occur. I want to show you what genius really is and how it is accessible to anyone. My goal is to provide the easiest and most direct way for you to learn how to reshape your thinking, remap your brain, and to give you greater results in everything you do. You’ll get weekly articles on everything from where the best thinking comes from and how to acquire the right skills, how to reshape your thinking habits, sound methods for overcoming limiting beliefs, techniques for handling overwhelm, and intuitive topics that illustrate radical new practices for strategies that get you the best results while teaching you how to see things from a more divergent vantage point. Are you ready? There are six insightful categories and eight powerful attributes to rapidly expand your thinking, enhance your creative energy, and engage newer thought pathways towards a more action-directed mindset.

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Learning to think and build like a visionary – Designing the future

The Principles Behind Disruptive Thinking:

A simple guide for
changing your mind.

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Disruptors are natural explorers.

They don't know the outcome but they know that creativity is born from the adventure.

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Disruptors show up.

They are willing to take chances to see where their ideas and path leads.

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They embrace imagination.

Thinking more from their intuition, they allow their divergent mindset to thrive.

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They are curious.

Filled with wonderment, they let questioning and their inquisitive nature be their guide.

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They invite failure.

They understand that failure can be an important part of the developmental process and welcome it when it happens.

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