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What If I Fail?

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Negative habits and behaviors can condition the mind to think and react in specific ways, causing the brain to pick up those negatively charged triggers more immediately than one’s natural positive thinking habit. These negative habits can become deeply ingrained into one’s thought process unless we take the time to reacquaint ourselves with our more powerful intuitive mindset.

Therefore, in order to remap this societal default pattern of limited thinking, you must practice daily the exercise of creating positive remapping.

Another way to look at this is through the eyes of children. When they want something, they don’t think about the negative outcome, only the positive result of their intention and desire. In that way, they are keeping a highly positive vibrational state towards attracting what they most desire.

Children Believe

As adults, however, our default is to consider the negative outcome – “What if I fail” – and therefore, our positive attraction gets muddied and weakened.

The mind is the first thing in the creation process that affects noticeable, powerful changes in everything we do. In order to replace worry, doubt, and fear, you must learn how to go beyond your current limiting belief system and know that you have within you the potential to accomplish any possible outcome.

A bridge cannot be built without first creating it. A relationship cannot blossom unless you see where you want it to go. Your health cannot be strong without the desire to create a well-maintained body and spirit; inside and out. Financial freedom cannot be achieved without the vision of a prosperous future. And, an innovation cannot exist without first conceiving of it.

This all starts with your mind.

When you look throughout history to the leaders, the top performers, artists, athletes, scientists, heads of industry, when you see regular people who are living full, passionate, and inspiring lives, when you wonder how someone could maintain a constant state of happiness, fulfillment, love, and is full of spirit, it all begins with their mind, and their ability to overcome their Limiting Belief System.

If you can change the direction of your beliefs, you can affect great transformation within yourself and the world around you. You have the power to create, build, explore, and dream. All it takes is the right frame of mind and purpose, and a consistent effort to practice acquiring this positive state of mind.

Replacing Limiting Beliefs

If you’ve ever seen a really good magic show, your brain knows that the illusion can’t be real, that it’s a trick, though somewhere in your mind you want the possibility that it could be true, because it’s so cool to think about. In this simple way, your mind has the ability to believe whatever you “condition” it to believe, and anything can be conditioned into your everyday frame of mind.

When we were younger, we believed in fairies, magic, Santa, and faraway places of fantasy. Over time, we’ve conditioned our minds to believe the limits that life offers us and accept our current situation of struggle, overwork, and the demands the world dictates we should endure. We tell ourselves this is the way for everyone. Yet, ironically, we admire and want to emulate those Disruptors who went beyond the conventions of societal thinking and created their own worlds.

It takes years to cultivate an inner voice of limiting thinking. That is, until you decide it no longer serves you, and that it’s time to change.

Once you become aware of your Limiting Belief System, then it is entirely up to you to change it. Of course, you may need some practice, but once you are conscious of it, if you do not change it, there’s no one else who can make the changes you want for your life.

All the problems in our lives can be traced back to limiting beliefs. There are four major areas that people tend to focus on: health, finance, relationships, and career. These are the areas that are most important to people in terms of success and happiness.

Limiting beliefs prevent us from doing the things that we are naturally capable of doing.

Natural ability is why children, under the right influences, can perform incredible feats with skateboards, bicycles, surfboards, music, computers, languages… Because the FEARS of LIMITATION haven’t been imposed on their mind… yet.

And here’s a little secret: all of us already have it within us to become our best, true selves.

In fact, the truth is that we are born with it. The key resides in getting back to an enlightened state of being.

From the moment we are born, we have the ability to know everything we desire in our lives. As infants, when we want to walk, we don’t say to ourselves; “I hope I’ll be able to walk one day,” or, “I hope I find a mentor who can guide me through the walking process,” or, “I hope someone will give me a lucky break.” No. Babies simply walk. Because we know we have it within ourselves. The same goes for eating, talking, learning, and exploring new things. Yes, there is trial and error, but how many babies have you seen quit and decide walking is just too hard?

It’s only when outside influences begin to instill doubt and limitations on our developmental process that we start to question our abilities and our choices.

Fear, self-consciousness, shyness, embarrassment, and awkwardness are all instilled into our belief system by outside influences. Conversely, there are children who are imbued with confidence, a can-do attitude, opportunity, and the ability to connect with others.

You’ve seen this many times before, from the Disruptors you so admire, the ones who change the world.

Presently, if you have unresolved problems with your financial situation, relationships, career, or health, it is very likely that your current belief system stands in the way and prevents you from improving the situation.

But this can be changed forever. The quick-fix answer to solving all your problems with your belief system is to know that your beliefs are a “choice.” It’s you who chooses what to believe, and how to act, or react.

You choose whether to let something upset or derail you. You choose whether to place emotions behind your reaction to what someone else says. You choose to get up energized every morning or remain fatigued throughout your day. You choose what you put in your body, whom you associate with, what risks you’re willing to take, how much you’ll save, and what your future will look like. It’s all because you make a choice.

How Do I Know What I’m Meant to Do?

To find your purpose you must expand your universe. Simply put; turn the knob, step out the door, and go outside! This is meant literally as well as figuratively. You cannot have an adventure or discover who you are when you are stuck in a box. Find the door!

Many stay stuck, confined within a limiting world of their own creation, rarely, if ever, venturing into the universe beyond. They fantasize about the life they desire, they have glimpses of what’s out there, but they take little action to explore.

Many live through the safety and comfort of vicarious experiences. When we read a book where the hero goes on a journey – Harry Potter, Eat, Pray, Love, The Hobbit, Shantaram, Alice in Wonderland, etc. – we experience these thrilling adventures within our minds. We want to experience these same adventures, yet few of us ever risk venturing out on our own journey. Instead, they stay at home, watch movies, TV, read books, listen to music, live vicariously through other’s adventures, and try desperately to fill the soul, but these temporary devices never really ignite our inner Disruptor. So, our dreams and desires smolder in the ashes of hope, and the fires that can stir us awake never really roar, because we stay safe, confined, stuck. Only years later do we realize it’s too late.

What Would Your Disruptor Do?

Be daring!          Be bold!          Imagine!          Fantasize!          Create!

In today’s exercise, write an adventure for yourself. Unleash who you’re meant to be!

What adventure would your avatar like to go on? What would she/he look like? Why would she go? What would (or could) happen on the journey? What new things will she discover about herself?

Today, journal in order to find your true nature, that missing piece deep inside you. Don’t be afraid to let her/him out. Let her/him ROAR!!

List 8 examples of things you HAVEN’T DONE – i.e. Travel, move to a new state or country, meet new people, create a new business, pursue your biggest goal, write a book, speak in public, volunteer at a charity, get a dog (cats don’t force you to get outside), change your habitual routine life…

List 5 examples when you’ve put the needs and wants of others above your own:

Another reason you don’t challenge yourself is that you think there’s value in putting everyone else first.

Break Your Limiting Thermostat!

From this point forward, you need to break the shell of limitation, jump out of the nest, walk on coals. Your comfort zone is only your ego not wanting you to fail, look bad, or be embarrassed in the eyes of others.


Think Jim Carrey… Just say YES!

Jim Carrey - YES!

For the next week, your exercise is to say YES to things and see where it leads. You may try to restrain yourself from saying yes because you’ve already projected what you think the outcome will be, or how silly it seems, a waste of your time, or not productive.

The point of this exercise is to STOP the limiting patterns of your internal rational mind from jumping to conclusions, thereby missing out on unexpected opportunities to stretch yourself, experience something new, and have a new adventure.

If you are already coming up with excuses then you are locking in your personal limiting thermostat, and you will never touch the stars.

Go BOLD or go HOME!

I didn’t create this exercise to make you do silly things, I created it because you have within you great potential. You just haven’t used it as fully as you could.

Now go be daring!

About The Author

Craig Copeland is a Disruptive Theorist teaching the art of finding your own unique genius mindset. Disruptive thinking is much more than what society deems as counterculture or controversial. It’s about learning how to trust in and access your intuitive mindset, which is where the biggest ideas reside, the brightest creations flourish, and the most significant life-altering changes happen. The more you can begin to master this style of thinking, the greater the opportunities, and the grander the impact you’ll make.