Craig Copeland

I Fear You Won’t Want to Hear This…

Recently, I watched a clip of this young, seventeen-year-old, blind girl singing her heart out on “America’s Got Talent.” Her musical skills and vocal talent moved me so much, it brought me to tears. Yes, I admit it, I teared up while watching a YouTube video. Mea culpa. In this clip, during her incredible performance, […]

Mastering the Unknown

Did you know there is a big difference between having a strong passion and having an unwavering vision? The main difference is that passion is the thing that excites and inspires you, while vision often requires something unique only to you that sparks your drive and determination. And, in some cases, passion can wane or […]

No Room for Genius

Would it surprise you to know you are already a genius? Can intuition and creativity be quantified the same way we quantify intelligence with IQ? For years genius has been thought to be unattainable for many of us if we haven’t scored a high enough percentage on a standardized intelligence test. There are many tests […]

The Distance Between Dreams and Reality

There is one thing that separates the genius from the intellectual… It’s action. Action doesn’t depend upon smarts, genealogy, class, race, gender, financial status, environment, or opportunity. It’s the catalyst for where you’ll go and who you’ll become. One of the best tools a genius Disruptor can acquire is the ability to take immediate action. […]

Blessed Are the Intuitive

You might think you already know all about intuition, and I bet you do. The issue is not in the knowing but in the doing. This is where many fall short. This is where many people overlook their own genius potential. Today we’ll explore intuition and then learn the tools to cultivate it into mastery. […]

The Three Hidden Keys of Mastery

In today’s article, I’m going to give you three secrets of the universe. A couple you might already know and may have even attempted at some point but were perhaps unsuccessful. And there is only one reason for that failure. Rather than using your intuitive mindset to master these skills, as many Disruptors do, you […]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Why do we desire? What is desire? In practical terms, it’s a craving, a longing, a strong feeling that we are worthy, a wish for something based upon a need or hunger. Desire… It whets your appetite, gets your juices flowing, gets the wheels turning, and once it aligns with your passion, everybody stand back! […]

The Major Difference Between Highly Successful People and You

The simple answer to what is the big difference between highly successful people and you is… nothing. They have no advantages over you. There! Done. You can stop reading now. Problem solved. Everyone searches for that one thing that finally gives them their desired advantage. The problem is that often they either don’t always know […]

Unlocking the Hidden Code to Success

Virtual Reality is here. And it’s getting incrementally and rapidly more advanced every day. Some have already embraced it while others are not sure about its value. They see it as nothing more than another outlet for play and escapism from the daily grind. Today I’m going to help you understand that it has much […]

The 3 Simple Steps to Mastering Genius

Did you know there are only three components to being a genius? Did you also know it has little to do with having a high IQ? These three components are comprised of six traits within the genius mindset: These six traits all reside within the intuitive mind. Their counterparts live within the rational mindset: Yes, […]