Craig Copeland

Disruption, Bad News for AI?

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”                   ~ Albert Einstein There is an artificial intelligence computer system that goes by the name Watson, developed by IBM (from 2004-2011). Watson is incredibly adept at extrapolating information with such amazing accuracy and lightning-fast speeds that it seemed an obvious gateway […]

Discovering Your Intention

There is one thing that both rational and intuitive thinkers have in common. It’s intention. To move forward, to get any real momentum, one must first know his/her intention. One of the ways to illustrate the importance of intention is by understanding the power of manifesting. When manifesting, one cannot just say I want a […]

The Philosophy of Attracting Money

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend about both of our financial situations. He has a regular job, and at the same time, he is pursuing a new entrepreneurial business venture for himself. He’s smart and works hard, but always seems to be focused on his financial situation, or lack thereof. He stresses […]

What If I Fail?

Negative habits and behaviors can condition the mind to think and react in specific ways, causing the brain to pick up those negatively charged triggers more immediately than one’s natural positive thinking habit. These negative habits can become deeply ingrained into one’s thought process unless we take the time to reacquaint ourselves with our more […]

Mastering Your Perspective

Perspective has only two sides, proactive or reactive. That’s it. One makes you defensive, hesitant, and cautious. The other gives you energy, vision, and opportunity. And it’s always your decision which side you want to be on. Our perspective can either stall us or move us forward. With this knowledge, what can you do to […]

The Three Principles of Success

Today, I’m not going to give you a long, protracted newsletter with lots of information, research, pictures, and advice. Instead, I’m giving you one of the tools from my Art of Disruptivism Workbook. It’s one of the blueprint philosophies that helped Disruptors throughout history achieve their objectives. It’s uncomplicated and quick to absorb. How’s that […]

Stepping into the Unknown

It’s a common practice to measure success in financial terms. Money drives society and our decision process. We are conditioned to value security and prosperity over the prospects of the unknown. Makes sense. But it is not always ultimately fulfilling. Jeff Bezos had a steady, secure, high-paying position on Wall Street. He could provide for […]

The Power of NO

There are three types of NO a Disruptor can practice. Not accepting NO from others, not accepting NO from oneself, and not seeing NO as a possibility. In my book, Disruptors, every single Disruptor encountered NO at some point along his journey. Why did we need another automobile? Henry Ford got pushback every step of […]

The 10% Solution of Genius

When people think of genius they think of high IQ, big brains, and being wicked smart. This might be true for some, but throughout history we’ve seen many examples of people who weren’t that smart but somehow were able to tap into their own genius and create something, amazing, extraordinary, game-changing, evolutionary. Even in science, […]

You May Say, I’m a Dreamer…

But I’m not the only one. Imagination is what drives life. Every day someone’s imaginative ideas spark new thoughts, providing us with the ability to see things in a new way, through their inspiration. Even in business, someone’s imaginative innovation sparks a new level of thinking and how we see the world. On a rudimentary […]