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The Freedom to Make Up Your Own Mind

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Warning: This week’s article might push and challenge you a little more than you’re comfortable with.

There is a thin line between those people who develop breakout habits and create radically life-altering behaviors and those who stay stuck in the same rut year after year with no forward movement.

You may already know this and have even dipped your toes in the water of greatness but remained on the shore as an observer because you were afraid the water might be too deep.

Pier to Nowhere

Perhaps you’ve already reasoned through the logic of taking such a chance on big change and have decided it’s just too risky.

The funny thing is that change doesn’t need to be a giant chasm, a deep, dark ocean, or a wide canyon to traverse. Again, it’s a thin little line that one must cross (mentally) if one wants to create the biggest changes.

You may be someone who has tried to venture out into the unknown a couple of times only to find yourself right back where you began.

Trust me, failure is not fun. It can bruise an ego and create a sense of scarcity and lack mentality. It can cause one to wonder if they are even capable or talented enough to break through to something truly great.

But one thing is certain. And this will never change. The only precondition needed for a major change in your life is the freedom to make up your own mind. That’s it. That’s the key; freedom.

No one is stopping you, but you. No one is judging you, but you. And no one is criticizing you, but you.


Great change takes work, patience, and persistence. It takes focus, even when others tell you that you’re going nowhere or that your ideas, pursuits, and dreams are silly, or a foolish, non-realistic waste of time. It takes a real conviction of belief in oneself even when the road is unknown or unproven.

And by the way… you’ve probably heard most of this before. And because it’s familiar, two things are likely to occur.

One, reminding you of this, gets you out of your funk and shakes off the cobwebs of complacency to get yourself pumped up to try again. Or two, you have already reasoned and logic yourself out before even trying, telling yourself that you already know this so what’s the point?

There is a third reason, by the way, which many people do not think about. Support. When you are always stuck inside a doubting mind of self-judgment and criticism it can feel overwhelming and lonely. Without the support or encouragement from other like-minded people, a partner who has a different perspective, or the guidance of a mentor, you’re most likely to talk yourself out of almost everything you even think about doing that might create the biggest changes in your life.  

When we keep everything stuck inside our heads, when the wheels of doubt and overwhelm spin out of control, it’s we who are the ones who talk ourselves out of it, rationalize all the problems that might arise, and chastise ourselves for even attempting something new or different.

Cluttered Mind

This is caused by the unrealistic conditioning of rational thinking. If it’s not grounded, it’s foolish. If it’s never been tried before, it’s a silly waste of time. And that’s what’s referred to as Sheeple mentality. Doing what everyone else is doing simply because it’s safer not to challenge the status quo. Safety and comfort are easy, familiar, and less daunting, but, unfortunately, it also gets you nowhere.

Freedom comes at a cost. And the cost to you is to push and challenge yourself or you will never truly change and evolve.

And can I share a secret with you? It’s actually the same message I’ve been pushing over and over again in my articles.

You’re most likely stuck or have reverted back to old patterns and behaviors because you refuse to give up the safety and limiting conditions of your rational mindset. In other words, you haven’t really been challenging yourself as much as you think, because you’ve been doing so with rational thought. And, until you finally learn to utilize the genius of your intuitive mind, you’ll never change. That’s the honest truth.

All of the Disruptors I’ve talked about, all of the billionaires who’ve created the biggest changes in their lives, all of the entrepreneurs, inventors, creators, and artistic geniuses who’ve made a significant difference in our lives, have done so because they changed their mindset.

I know I keep using this word, but, again, it’s that ‘simple’. A logical, rational, pragmatic mind will keep you stuck and limited. But when used as a companion to the intuitive mind, it can open doors never before seen.

In science, we know that intellectuals solve problems and geniuses prevent them. We’ve seen this when breakthrough scientists use their intuitive minds to create something life-changing, like the pursuit of penicillin, quantum theory, electromagnetism, ac current, radium, or Crispr. They had no idea where these ideas would lead, and there wasn’t anything previous to base their ideas upon, but they used intuitive ideas to direct their experiments, not rational-based thinking.

I will continue to push you towards considering using your intuitive mindset for the biggest changes in your life and higher thinking. But it’s you who must decide to make those changes. And while I always say it’s never too late to change, it does become harder to shake off the complacency and steadfast limitations of rational thinking as more years accrue.

So, today, instead of giving you several tips and tools, I invite you to read my genius workbook and follow the exercises within. It’s free to you and there’s nothing to lose. But there’s everything to lose if you don’t invest in yourself now.

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This workbook is filled with great exercises geared to ignite your disruptive mindset. I hope you take the time to go through it and not judge yourself or the workbook. Intuitive and creative will always seem simplistic because, in reality, that’s exactly what they are… simple and uncomplicated. Ideas flow when the mind is free and unencumbered.

About The Author

Craig Copeland is a Disruptive Theorist teaching the art of finding your own unique genius mindset. Disruptive thinking is much more than what society deems as counterculture or controversial. It’s about learning how to trust in and access your intuitive mindset, which is where the biggest ideas reside, the brightest creations flourish, and the most significant life-altering changes happen. The more you can begin to master this style of thinking, the greater the opportunities, and the grander the impact you’ll make.