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Demystifying the Woo Woo

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It begins with changing your consciousness.

The rational mind desires the tangible, and the material. But the manifesting mindset is the opposite. Its sole purpose is to conjure the ethereal and the ungrounded into reality. Therefore, it seems unobtainable or unreal. But I assure you that it is part of the intuitive mindset and is grounded in much more than what some call woo-woo. In order for your skeptical mind to absorb this post, neural manifestation is simply the methodology of reprograming (or remapping) your conditioned subconscious beliefs from the restrictive indoctrination you received in the form of limiting tribal (societal) practices into something more elegant and useful.

We are so conditioned to need verifiably concrete proof that something exists before we can accept it as being real, that we tend to doubt its existence. And for that reason, it makes it hard for many to realize the power of manifesting.

The irony of this is that many of us will believe in a god they can neither see, touch, or hear, with unwavering conviction, yet when it comes to manifesting something for themselves, and by themselves, they cannot grasp the concept because it seems so ridiculous to imagine that they can create something unseen into reality.

In order to successfully manifest at the highest level, you need to hone your skill of imagining. You may not even be aware that you are already good at imagining. Every day you imagine naturally. You just may not be conscious or present to the fact that you are already excellent at doing this.

You do not think in a practical sense about what you want to eat when you’re hungry, no, instead, you imagine what you’d like to eat, and you keep imagining until you land on the right fit.

You might imagine having a sandwich for lunch… no, you had a sandwich yesterday. What about a salad? Naw…, you just don’t feel like eating healthy things today.

When we’re hungry, we actually picture ourselves eating, tasting, and enjoying that food to see if it’s what we really want. So you opt for coffee and a croissant, because when you imagine yourself eating this, it suits your vision and becomes the reality that you fulfill.

And you do this all the time… You imagine how you’ll drive and navigate through traffic on the way to work and the way home. You imagine how you will run your errands, which emails you’ll respond to, picking up the dry cleaning, calling your mother, getting the children after school. You imagine the uncomfortable conversation you need to have with an employee or noisy neighbor.

We imagine all the time, you just don’t pay much conscious attention because you do it so automatically. Instead you tell yourself you are thinking about it. But the reality is that you are imagining the situation and how it might play out. And whether you know it or not, you are definitely good at imagining, and because we are visual creatures, you just call it by another name; visualizing, envisioning, or ‘picturing it in your head.’

In this way, you can imagine future things that you would like to have happen (manifest) in the same way. You are fantasizing, conjuring, and creating.

To do this for anything that hasn’t occurred yet or come to fruition (again, manifesting), you must imagine what it’s like to already be in that situation, feeling what it’s like to have reached your goal, already having your dream or desire fulfilled.

And just like imagining, you are already good at this ‘future conjuring’ too. Let me explain.

When you are getting ready to go on vacation, you’re already picturing yourself there, having arrived at your destination. Why do we do this? So we can plan and map out how our vacation will play out, of course.

You picture what you would wear to the beach, where you’d go shopping, or where you’ll eat dinner. I know you do this because that is how you plan and decide what to pack. You imagine yourself already in your hotel, lodge, or Airbnb laying out your wardrobe for the day. You see yourself enjoying a long hike, going dancing, lounging by the pool. You envision yourself traversing through the airport, checking in, dragging your luggage down the runway and onto the plane. You picture where your seats are on the plane, and then arriving at your destination and picking up the rental vehicle.

We do this all the time and aren’t conscious of how well we can already visualize this. Yet, when it comes to manifesting a grander wish or desire you’ve never had before as already being fulfilled, we tend to hesitate, doubt, and rationalize it logically.

And, let me tell you, rational thinking is the quickest way to kill any dream or desire. You’ll inevitably talk yourself out of it with logic and reasoning. This stifles great manifesting. It’s what kills your biggest dreams. It limits your ability to intuit and create.

Still need more convincing?

My initial research was focused on what the billionaire mindset was like. How did they achieve such wealth and massive success? Turns out, after fourteen years of research and interviews, and having worked for sixteen years as a top Personal Assistant for some of the most powerful people, it revealed itself that all of them were great manifesters.

Every one of them was great at designing, imagining, and creating the ideas and concepts that made them who they are today. They did this because they could already see themselves doing what they do. Many even said they knew this was exactly where they were headed.

Even better, when they had reached their objectives, they were already envisioning the next big idea they wanted to create. And you might challenge that the reason they can do these things so easily is that they already have money or are just good at business.

In my experience, however, having worked closely with many of these high-profile individuals, I can tell you how amazed I was at what they were able to think up and make reality. I’ll also add here that when going after their vision, they encounter a lot of pushback. But it’s their vision towards their goal that wins out in the end.

The way they do this is that they persist in seeing their dream, idea, or vision as already having occurred, and they continue to believe and imagine so powerfully until it becomes a reality. They can see it so clearly in their mind as already having come to fruition. They’ll imagine every detail, how they’re dressed, what the weather is like, who is with them, the lighting, the atmosphere, the conversations… every detail as if it is happening now.

Yes, for those of you who are in your rational mindset right now, this is not like the movie The Secret. They don’t just sit there waiting for things to happen. They take the actions necessary to make their imaginings reality. Even when someone is manifesting money, they’re already taking the steps towards making that dream become their reality.

They envision as if the money is already in their bank account. And they envision talking with people who can assist in seeing that wish fulfilled. They constantly explore all the resources necessary in order to make it become reality, because they already see it as having happened. It excites them and ignites their energy. And in this way, their enthusiasm and passion are infectious.

Have you ever met someone so dedicated to their goal, filled with conviction, entrenched in their beliefs and desires that their zeal rubs off on you? It’s so inspiring, that you too want to jump on board and be part of their dream or vision. It seems so close, you can just taste it, because they make it seem very real, exciting, and tangible.

As I’ve referenced before, we’re supposed to have absolute, unquestioning faith in a god we aren’t even one hundred percent sure exists, yet we doubt our own imagination as silly or whimsical. Didn’t that very same god create us all in his image? If that’s really the case, do you think he created you to fail? Of course not.

He gave you your ability to imagine and manifest, because, if we are all created in his image, isn’t that what he already does? Isn’t the planet you’re standing on something he imagined (supposedly in 6 days)? And, if you are not religious, isn’t the smart device or computer a creation of someone’s imagination? In that sense, didn’t he or she manifest it into our reality? Your reality?

Where many of us get tripped up is not from our lack of belief, in fact, it’s just the opposite… we tend to believe in the wrong things.

We learn to believe in the same things our tribes believe, because, when you hear something often enough, and no one is really challenging it, you tend to accept it as true, whether it is or not. That’s the reason we are taught to put rational thinking ahead of intuitive thinking. This is why some people have prejudice about other races or cultures. It’s why there is such a divide in politics these days. it’s why we’ve become so gullible about so many things. We believe what our tribes believe without questioning or challenging its validity. We buy into the propaganda we hear again and again without confronting its source or authenticity.

But people like da Vinci, Einstein, Tesla, Faraday, Jobs, Musk, Bezos, Branson, Curie, Chanel, Earhart, Lovelace, and so many other Disruptors thought with their intuitive, imaginative, divergent mindset first. They knew that creative ideas should not be squashed by rational logic and reasoning.

Manifesters steer their own boat. They make their own decisions. They create the world they want to live in, and not conform to the world they are told they’re supposed to live in. And that’s why for the rest of us they seem so incredibly gifted. In reality, they are all natural manifesters.

Consider how many people initially said no to Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, or even Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla, Marie Currie, or the highly successful Coco Chanel. People definitely said no to Hedy Lamarr, and look at what has happened. Without her imagination and manifesting, her fortitude and persistence, we wouldn’t have frequency hopping today, which means we wouldn’t have cell phones, Bluetooth, WiFi, the internet, telecommunications, or satellites.

Having faith in your own imagination.

Truth depends upon the intensity of the imagination, not external facts. Facts can often be the misuse of imagination. Man becomes what he imagines. If he imagines himself struggling, that is what he will attract to himself.  

And here’s something important to consider. My belief is that we are already good at manifesting. I say this because there are people out there who are worrisome about many things, and it is that worry that they conjure into reality. They are so good at this that they have no problem making lack, scarcity, and doubt become their reality. They do this all the time. And unfortunately, this kind of manifestation is so powerful that there are people who have conjured bad or negative manifestations into reality. We’ve seen this happen with the last president.

The trick, and the hardest part of manifesting, is to imagine something that a) hasn’t occurred yet, and b) something you have never had or accomplished before. So when people think about manifesting large sums of money, or a bigger house, because they might never have had these things before, it becomes an obstacle for them and they begin to doubt their ability to make these things reality.

And I’m here to tell you, right now, that you may not be manifesting at all. Manifesting is believing with every part of your being that it has already happened. What most people do instead, is to throw out a gauntlet, a challenge. That’s not manifesting. And when the thing they say they wanted doesn’t manifest itself, they can then say to themselves, “See, I knew it was all just hogwash!” Subliminally, they’re sending a message to their subconscious that while they hope it may come true, they really believe it’s impossible.

These are the people who will never take a bigger chance on themselves, are always looking for an excuse or a way out and can never encourage or strengthen their imagination towards a better future for themselves.

Still need more proof that manifesting is a viable and powerful thing?

Let me share with you how top athletes manifest…

Athletes are some of the rare people who are actually encouraged to manifest their results by looking to the end outcome. Before any competition or game, they repeatedly run through their event in their mind over and over again, seeing every turn, every obstacle, every advantage they need to win. Golf, basketball, soccer, mixed martial arts, baseball, football, surfing, etc. They do this until they believe, unequivocally, that they have already won the event.

What’s that you say, rational thinker? How can they all be great manifesters when their can be only one winner? That’s actually a great and insightful question. So I asked some top performance coaches this very question.

The answer I got, is that unless that winning mindset is their only focus right up until the very moment of the event, that if something, some random thought gets in the way and causes doubt or distraction, it can throw them off their game. We’ve heard this from athletes who’ve said they weren’t fully there, or that something distracted them.

The ones who do win… all had a much stronger conviction and kept their focus the entire time.

And sometimes it’s really, really close.

Eddie Tolan is the first black athlete to win two gold medals in the 1932 Olympics, setting the record for the 200-meter race at 21.2 seconds. Four years later, American runner Mack Robinson, at the summer Olympic games in Berlin, 1936, beat his time by .1 seconds, 21.1 seconds. Robinson (older brother of American baseball star Jackie Robinson) won the silver medal in the 200-meter event. Why did he only win silver when he clearly beat the previous record?

Jesse Owens came in a hair before him at 20.7 seconds. All in all, eighteen African-American athletes competed. Ten won Olympic metals. It’s said that it was Owen’s shoes that made all the difference.

100% conviction is required to successfully manifest.

How does someone get to 100%? They start small and build momentum. Again, it would be unwise to challenge this and say, “I want one million dollars!” if one, you have never achieved close to that level before, and two, if you are throwing a gauntlet of challenge out to the universe, instead of truly believing this is something you should and could already have.

Again, you know how to do this. All of us at some time have experience thinking about someone we haven’t seen or heard from in a long time, and suddenly, out of the blue, they call.

I’ll be honest with you, there have been times, albeit brief, when, I too, doubt, and in those times my manifestations do not become reality. It does happen at times, but I am aware of when I think with lack or doubt.

But the majority of the time I am great at manifesting. I can see the things I desire as if already having occurred. I have no doubt or concern that it has already happened. I take as many days as needed to sit and meditate on what I want as already occurring. I picture where I am, what I am wearing, who is with me. I picture if I am indoors or outdoors when I receive my gift. I imagine the conversations I have, the praise I receive for reaching my desired manifestation, the thankfulness I am feeling for having received my dream into reality. And I take as many actions as necessary to make this happen.

There are, however, two important rules to manifesting that you should pay attention to. First, is that you cannot be concerned with how something will happen. The how is up to the universe. Sometimes I am surprised at how something I manifested came to me. And second, you cannot concern yourself with when it will occur, although I have to say that when I have envisioned something happening in a specific month, it mostly does happen, but I cannot rely on that, nor can I specifically require it to happen.

There’s also an unspoken third rule, which I have already mentioned earlier. And it specifically has to do with rational thinking. In order to manifest with great success, you cannot do it if you are throwing out a challenge to the universe to see if it will really happen or not, then proving to yourself that you knew it wouldn’t manifest into reality. It’s kind of like going to a roulette table and throwing your money down on black, then shaking your fist because your color didn’t hit.

And if you can’t push past this limiting mindset, then you will never, ever, be someone who can manifest in a powerfully positive way.

Initially, it will seem extremely ethereal and ungrounded, and you’re going to feel a little bit foolish. And some gurus will tell you that you can’t see the wind or electricity, yet you have no doubt they exist. You are just going to have to put faith in yourself and begin to practice.

Be like a Jedi. Start with something small, then another something small, and keep building on the momentum. What’s the harm? No one is looking at or judging you. And, like a magic trick, in the beginning it will seem like an illusion. But as you get better and better at manifesting, you’ll adopt it as a part of you. After all, I manifested you into my reality, didn’t I?

About The Author

Craig Copeland is a Disruptive Theorist teaching the art of finding your own unique genius mindset. Disruptive thinking is much more than what society deems as counterculture or controversial. It’s about learning how to trust in and access your intuitive mindset, which is where the biggest ideas reside, the brightest creations flourish, and the most significant life-altering changes happen. The more you can begin to master this style of thinking, the greater the opportunities, and the grander the impact you’ll make.